Blues Cricket Academy

The Blues Cricket Academy offers individual, dual and group private cricket coaching sessions in Brisbane at the University of Queensland’s prestigious WEP Harris Oval. The Academy also offers international cricket tours and cricket clinics throughout the season.

At the Blues Cricket Academy we provide first-class cricket facilities as well as experienced Cricket Australia accredited coaches who focus on the basics of the game to produce adaptable, versatile and intelligent cricketers.

We welcome cricketers of all ages, genders and skill level.

To book your session follow the links below.

Blues Academy coaching sessions are typically held during the school term from 6am – 8am as well as from 3pm – 8pm, Monday to Friday. We provide the following sessions; individual 45 min, individual 1 hour, dual 1 hour and group 1 hour. We also provide coaching sessions during school holidays.

For alternate sessions please contact us directly.

10% off when you purchase 5 or more coaching sessions


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