Junior Blasters


CA Cricket Blast captures the colour and excitement of the Men’s and Women’s Big Bash League in a fun and fast format.

Junior Blues Super 6's


UQCC Super 6’s is designed to introduce boys and girls to the game of cricket. Kids get a chance to play modified matches in a fun and enjoyable environment.

MSW Cricket


UQCC fields junior girls and boys teams in the Brisbane Metropolitan South-West (MSW) Cricket Competition – in the U10 to U16 age groups.


Term 1 2024 UQ Cricket Blast

When – Friday 2 February to Friday 22 March
Time – 5.30 to 7.00 PM every Friday
Where – WEP Harris Oval, St Lucia

How Junior Blasters work

Junior Blasters is for kids learning the basic skills of cricket with participants building their skills through fun, game based activities. The activities are designed for small groups to ensure every child gets a go, allowing them to test and learn new skills. After they have mastered the basics, they will be ready for modified games of cricket.

The Junior Blasters program is set up in a way that regardless of skill level, participants can progress through the different levels of activity until they have the basic cricket skills required to progress to the Junior Blues Super 6’s program. Participants will receive a minimum of 6 sessions each school term with each session going for 60 minutes.

Skills that children will learn and improve in Junior Blasters include:

  • Social skills
  • Cricket skills
  • Game sense
  • Fundamental movement skills
Each player registration will receive a Junior Blasters pack, which will be sent directly to you and includes:
  • T-shirt with your name on it
  • Bucket hat in your choice of Big Bash team colour
  • Plastic bat & rubber ball
  • Personalised bat sticker sheet
  • Junior Blasters Skill scorecard
Playing equipment
Due to COVID19 restrictions all players must provide their own equipment.
Term 1 2024 UQ Super 6’s

When – Friday 2 February to Friday 22 March
Time – 5.30 to 7.00 PM every Friday

Where – WEP Harris Oval, St Lucia

How Junior Blues Super 6’s work
  • 6 players per team on the oval at any one time but teams can be up to 8 players
  • 6 overs per side with each batter facing a maximum of 12 deliveries
  • Every player will bowl 1 over (6 deliveries)
  • Players will rotate to a new fielding position after each over
  • If there is an extra player, the bowler will be replaced by the extra player
  • If one team has 7 players and the other team has 5 players, teams will be split evenly (by swapping a player) to make two sides of 6
  • 60 minutes per session
  • Full protective equipment is used during games
  • Minimum of 6 sessions during each school term
  • Winning and losing is not important only having fun and enjoying the game of cricket
  • Parents are encouraged to coach, umpire and score during each match
The following items are provided annually with each player registration
  • UQCC training shirt
Playing equipment
Due to COVID19 restrictions all players must provide their own equipment.
MSW Cricket

UQCC fields girls and boys teams in the MSW competition both pre-Christmas (school term 4) and post-Christmas (school term 1). Teams are based off skill level rather that age level and are divide into Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. A summary of Staging is provided on the MSW website.

All Girls Cricket League

UQCC will be entering teams in both Stage 1 (U11s) and Stage 2 (U13s) competitions in the MSW All Girls Cricket League for the 2022-23 season. A summary of Staging is provided on the MSW website.

In 2022/23, UQCC U15s and U19s  girls will be part of the the Harris Shield (U15 Pathway) and Kirby Short Cup (U19 pathway) as well as continuing to participate in the Paul Pink Shield.

Grading Using Stages

This season MSW have made several improvements to the competition which will improve player grading, representative trails, and the quality of games. Key changes to be aware of this year:

  • Whilst “Stages” are retained, there is a push back to age groups. Players can still play up or down age groups, but there is a push to ensure kids of roughly the same age are playing against each other (last year the focus was ability, hence 12 years old’s playing 16 years old’s which didn’t work).
  • We will be looking to grade players more and introduce a Division 1 team for each age group. Again, some kids will still play up. Friends can still request to play together, but if a decent player really wants to play with his friends he will likely move down.

This is now a focus of Queensland Cricket with a view of  improving the quality of our representative sides. UQ has been underrepresented in the past and the Club wants to ensure this is addressed.

Below is a simplified snapshot of how the Division 1 Teams will work.



Individual and Team Equipment

All equipment is provided for Junior Blasters and Super 6’s programs.

The following equipment will be provided to each MSW team

  • Set of stumps
  • Boundary markers
  • Match balls
  • Kit bag
  • Score-book
  • Chalk
  • Umpire counter
  • Tape measure

Coaches are required to collect equipment for their team.

The Club has updated its approach to the provision of individual equipment following COVID-19. It is now expected that all players will provide their own equipment including the provision of a helmet which is now mandatory.

Parents are free to source their own equipment from any supplier.

MSW Junior Registration Information

There are multiple Juniors registration options, below is a guide to help navigate the options.

The first 2 options are for parents registering only 1 player:
  1. Junior Pre Xmas – for single registrations of players who wish to play pre Xmas cricket fixtures only.
The next 2 options are for parents registering 2 or more players (siblings):
  1. Junior Pre Xmas Sibling Discount – for registrations of 2 or more players who wish to play pre Xmas cricket fixtures only.
The following items are provided annually with each player registration
  • Club long sleeve white playing shirt
  • Club training shirt
  • Choice of either UQCC club cap (NEW PLAYERS ONLY)

Playing and training shirts as well as a UQCC club cap or sunhat are worn by players in games and at training.

Additional Club Clothing

Additional UQCC items can be purchased through the club shop.

5 Year UQCC Juniors Baggy Cap

If 2023/24 will be your 5th season of playing MSW Saturday cricket for UQCC Juniors (i.e. you commenced in the 2019/20 season and have played every season since) then you will have earned a 5 Years UQCC Juniors Baggy Cricket Cap. The Cap is to recognise the commitment of those Juniors who have played for UQCC Juniors for 5 years, with the presentation at the commencement of their 5th season.  It is not based on cricket ability, nor on playing a season or two and cannot be purchased.  Rather it’s awarded by the UQCC Juniors to recognise the commitment and loyalty of the player to UQCC Juniors.  It’s something that we’d like all our Juniors to aspire to earn.

Winter Cricket 2024

UQCC will once again be entering junior teams in the Warehouse Winter Competition.

It is expected that teams will be entered in U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16 but this is dependent on registrations.

Registrations are open to both boys and girls.

Matches are played on Saturday (mostly 11:30-4:30pm) from 27/4/24 to 3/8/24 (+ finals if teams qualify).

If signing up for a full registration players are expected to commit to the team. For older juniors and seniors the Sunday competition is perfect for those with commitments on Saturday that still want to play over winter.

U12 Competition

This competition is based on the MSW junior rules and will consist of 35 over one day games with a focus on participation. Matches will be played with a 142g ball on 18m pitches with 9 players per side. Due to the length of the season and previous experience, we will aim to place 12 players per U12 team. Registrations are open to players 10+ years of age only that have played stage 2 and above.

U13 – U16

Different to summer junior cricket

It is important for players to understand that there are differences between winter cricket and junior competitions that UQCC participates in during summer (e.g. MSW competitions). Some of the key differences are as follows:

  • There are no modified junior rules for U13+. For example, the pitch length is 20m, balls are 156g and overs are not capped at a maximum number of balls (e.g. 8)
  • While there are different gradings within an age limit these are less than summer junior competitions
  • Matches are longer and the standard is 70 overs per day
  • Matches may be a combination of 1 or 2 day games
  • Competitions are across a wider geographical area than the MSW competition. Travel will be far greater than playing in the MSW competition.
Team placement

Team registration

  • This season there will be the option for teams to nominate
  • There must be a minimum of 13 players
  • Coaches etc must also be provided by the team
  • Competition grading will be at the discretion of UQCC
  • All players must be registered with UQCC. Playing of non registered players will result in removal of the team, immediately and without refund.
Individual registration
  • This is similar to previous years whereby individuals register and are placed in a team
  • UQCC will endeavour to place players into appropriate teams (age/ability). This may involve a grading session if numbers need to be capped
  • All new players will need to be graded (this is more from a safety perspective)
  • Players must be at least 11 years old to play U13
  • For player safety and due to standard cricket rules (no modified junior rules) there will be a minimum playing standard required.
  • Any friend requests are to be emailed to the juniors@uqcricket.com.au
Team numbers
  • Experience has shown that due to the length of the season a team on average will need 14-15 players.
  • Each team must have a minimum of 13 players
  • Additional players can be accessed via the casual pool
  • All players that play winter must be registered with UQCC.
Casual Players
  • This option is suited to players that cannot commit to every game but still want to play during winter
  • This category is not guaranteed a game and will play where teams are short. Previous experience has resulted in a large call on casual players.
  • A player can be a casual across multiple teams/age grounds (pending to meeting the age criteria)
  • Players must be registered before they can play for UQCC
  • The daily match fee must also be paid prior to the commencement of play (via the UQCC shop)
UQ Way
  • Registration is open to non UQCC players
  • All players are required to abide by the UQCC Code of Conduct
  • All players are to play in UQ Clothing
  • UQCC teams play according to the UQ Way which is an approach that promotes participation and challenging players to play under different conditions. This will be further developed for the winter season.

Fees are all inclusive, covering training and match facilities, balls, umpires etc No clothing is provided. Players are required to play in UQ clothing (UQ playing shirt and cap) and will need to purchase this separately should they not have these items.

Casuals will pay a once off registration of $20 + a daily fee of $30 The fees remain the same as for 2023 but we have added the additional senior competition.

U12 – $320
U13-U16 -$370
Sat Seniors – $450
Sun Seniors – $300
Casual daily fee – $30

Fee are payable based on competition not age group. For example the fee for a 14 year old playing Saturday seniors is $450.

  • All UQ teams run on volunteer coaches
  • If parents would like to coach a team please contact the UQ Junior Coordinator
  • If a team has no coach the team will not be registered

Subject to numbers we will look to field teams in the Saturday competition (play every week) or Sunday (plays alternative weeks).

The senior competition is for grade players, older juniors or parent/child teams.

They will be graded based on the composition of the team.

The Sunday competition is aimed at those that do not want to commit to every week or that have other commitments on a Saturday but still want to play cricket. The Sunday competition is 50 over one day games.

Registrations / Inquires

Expressions of Interest for winter cricket have now closed. We may still have limited spots for full or casual players. If you are interested please contact juniors@uqcricket.com.au

For more information

For any inquiries, please contact the UQCC Junior coordinator at juniors@uqcricket.com.au

To ensure that juniors enjoy their cricket a playing framework has been developed and this is to align to the clubs playing mantra.

  1. Have fun and enjoy your cricket – cricket is a game and there is no point in playing if you are not having fun. Children should be encourage, not forced to play.
  2. Accountability – players are to take responsibility for their performance. If you play a bad shot, bowl a bad ball or drop a catch, learn from it and move on. Throwing of bats etc, showing dissent to umpires etc will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  3. Always improve – there is an expectation that players aim to achieve their maximum potential. This means working on areas that need improvement and applying yourself at training and games. Mucking around at training or games will not be tolerated.
  4. No Sledging – UQCC is a club that provides itself on being positive. We want to hear noise on the field as it demonstrates players are having fun, but this must be of a nature of encouraging your team mates. Anything else is Unacceptable.



Roles and Responsibility

It is important to recognise that the coach is a volunteer, in most instances a parent, and often takes on the role as a last resort as no one else is willing to take on the role. There is a vast span of cricket knowledge and coaching experience amongst our junior coaches.

It is now a requirement that all our coaches attain a Level 1 Community Coaching certification, have a current QLD Blue Card, and complete a short online Child Protection Course.

Level 1 Community Coaching certification involves completing the online Introduction to Cricket module and a 3 hour practical session. Play by the Rule, Child Protection Course involves completing an interactive 15 minute learning module.

It is a requirement that all coaches regardless of their level of coaching or playing experience complete these courses. The online modules are particularly important for enforcing CA and Queensland Cricket’s message of keeping players in the game through participation and fun in a safe environment.

The role of coach and manager can be performed by one person however, some teams may prefer to separate these roles.

Some of the roles and responsibilities include:

  • Organising and running weekly training sessions
  • Hands on role for game day
    • This will be more hands on for the younger players/earlier stages
    • Pre-match drills/discussion
    • Post-match discussion
    • Setting the field, batting, bowling order (stage dependant)
  • Completion of game day checklist and retention of the checklist
  • Remaining at the training or match venue until all children have been picked up by their parents

It is important to note:

  • The coach is not a specialist coach
  • The coach’s role is to coach the team not your child
  • The coach should point out and assist with problem areas
  • The coach does not have the time to focus solely on one child. Some drills should be provided to the child or recommend the child attends the Blues Academy (for focused one on one training by a specialist coach)
  • A baby-sitting service. Coaches give freely of their time for the betterment of the players and team. It is expected that parents pick up their child on time at the completion of the game.
Game Day Responsibilities

The focus for parents and players is to have fun and enjoy the game of cricket. However, there are a arrange of tasks that need to be completed on game day to achieve this. These are listed below:

  • Setting up the field. It is the responsibility of the home team to set up the stumps and boundary markers. Recommended: Parents
  • Discuss the match/umpire conditions with the opposition. Recommended: Coach
  • Pre match drills. Recommended: Coach or Parent as directed by the coach
  • Pre match discussion. Recommended: Coach
  • Umpiring – For the earlier stages it is recommend that this be undertaken by the coach when the team is fielding. This should be undertaken by a parent when the team is batting so that the coach can remain with the team on the sideline. Recommended: Manager/Parent.
  • Game Day checklist. Recommended: Manager/Coach
  • Finalising results with opposition. Recommended: Coach
  • Entering of results into My Cricket (optional). Recommended: Manager/Coach.
  • Packing up of field and tidying up area. Recommended: Parents/Players.
  • Post-match discussion: Recommended: Coach.




The role of parents in junior cricket is particularly important. Parents should encourage and support their child and members of their team. It is expected that parents will assist at the direction of the coach/manager on game day or at training.

As mentioned previously, the focus at UQCC is to retain junior players in the game through participation and fun. UQCC has a zero tolerance on parents coaching from the sidelines and any demeaning/derogatory comments to players, officials, and spectators of both sides. Any such behaviour should be reported to the coach in the first instance.

Part of the cricket experience is to enable players to make their own decisions and to learn through their mistakes. It is important that on match days all coaching is left to the coach as multiple messages become confusing for the player.

Pre-Christmas 2022/23 Season
  • Registrations open – 1 July
  • Registrations close – 8 August
  • Grading day – Sunday 28 August and Sunday 4 September at WEP Harris Oval
  • Clothing collection – Sunday 4 September at WEP Harris Oval
  • Coaches and managers season launch – Sunday 11 September at WEP Harris Oval
  • Team training commences – Week starting 5 September (to be arranged by team coach)
  • Season commences – 7, 8 and 9 October
  • Team photos – 20 October
  • Junior presentation day – TBC
  • Season concludes – Sunday 4 December

New Enquiries

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